Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Day 436-441: Dushanbe & to the Pamirs

The relaxing ride from Uzbek border to Dushanbe after being annoyed by the border officers for tossing my stuff all over the place, fiddling through medicines, gadgets etc... Luckily I showed them the most boring folder on my laptop and she lost interests especially when the queue behind was getting longer. I know they are just doing their job but they could at least have some respect.

Lots of fruit plantations along the way especially grapes

Alas! Dushanbe.

Been following each other online for awhile, nice to finally meet up with Baerbal and Johan from who previously got to know my brother through their friends and met up with him in Singapore. It was nice hearing their stories and getting tips for the Pamirs.

Staying at Vero's means meeting many cyclists. A late afternoon ride up the hill for some beer and sunset.


Dinner in making. Menu: Vegetarian Pizza

Vero's cuddly cat. The most chill out kitty

Hello Graham. So sad we couldn't meet up due to my issue with visa... we were so closed, almost crossing path!!!

Vero's place is the 'centre' where many cyclists meet... very comfortable and nice environment. I heard last week there were 17 cyclists here.

Almost 1 year ago, they flew to Singapore, stayed at TreeinLodge hostel to get ready for their big cycle tour and became friends with my brother. One year on, halfway through our journey, we actually crosspath, arrived at the same place, around the same time. It was only through our conversations that we realized we knew someone in common! 
Meet Etienne and Marion from

Two of us hitting the Pamirs while the rest were waiting for their visas for their onward journey

This is it... Goodbye Dushanbe.
.... 此刻我嘴角微微扬起, 向前方的挑战微笑! 我来啦! 😆

The wind was bashing my tent so hard that I barely get any sleep last night

 After 1.5days, the luxury of asphalt comes to an end

And the sun paints the mountain golden before setting

Time to scout for a camp spot

Here is home!
View from the left of my tent.

View from the right of my tent

View from the front of my tent


Smartly suited up ready for school. Many kids from smaller villages have to walk long distances to school in the bigger village

Sharing the road with goats, sheep, donkeys, horses and impatient drivers

 Salem Mr Sheppard

Bump-dilly-Bump on my saddle


Camped with a view again 

Spot my tent?

11 Sept 15: 87.09km [Sunny]
13 Sept 15: 20.65km [Sunny]
14 Sept 15: 71.03km [Sunny, headwind]
15 Sept 15: 56.19km [Sunny, headwind]
16 Sept 15: 34.72km [Sunny]

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