Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 406-409: To Samarkand

  Ain't he a cool PaPa?

Cyclist's toy!

Marco & Tiph's steed from CycloLenti

The lovely sisters

 Yet another international gathering with backpackers, cyclists and our host

- Hold your breath -

Police car in cardboard - it looks real from far though

They took a left turned and came back to say Hello. Friends from Korea. 

And from Netherland. Noticed his googles?

Mr Somsa seller :)

Roadside lunch

Another Korean who climbed over the barrier to say Hello!

Hosted by a Policeman's family. Was riding in the dark as I was almost reaching the next town and had a guy on bicycle kept stalking me. I stopped he stopped, I moved he moved. I got annoyed and started shouting and 'firing' stones at him. Then some local people wanted to walk me to find a place to stay and eventually I ended at the police station and they sort me out for the night.

Breakfast with sweet and succulent melons

Future cyclist to be

With the family who insisted I stay longer

Typically seen at homes - mattresses

Homemade Plov! Very yummy!

Opps... caught in action!

Them playing with my spectacle

Little did I know their neighbours were bakers and was invited to visit and they keep stuffing me lots of goodies that they made. They use many simple and basic stuff but still managed to whip up tasty cookies, cakes etc.

Forgotten the name but this fried patties are stuffed with some meat in it

Our hands - They painted my nails in rainbow colours...

Burnt match stick deeped in juice from the plant

And drawn on the eyebrows

To my horror... hahaha... luckily its not permanent but this juice is used to promote hair growth

Lovely melon sellers who invited me over to have some melons and bread.
She wanted me to stay, marry to his son and worked in the melon field.

Behind that scarf are beautiful faces... no joke, they are beautiful



The only Chinese medical centre in central asia? They actually hosted my brother & Sean back in 2005 but unfortuantely I didn't manage to say hello to them this time as the place seems to be under renovation.

Approaching Registon

13 Aug 15: 100.1km [Sunny]
14 Aug 15: 106.11km [Sunny]
16 Aug 15: 77.14km [Sunny]

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