Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 1107-1119: Taipei to Taitung, Taiwan

Arriving at Taipei port after a night on the ferry
Taiwan was never on my list but I've heard so much about how nice the people here are and the moment I found out there was ferry (I don't fly) coming this way, I jumped on the idea of coming here.... so here I am!
 Helloooo Taiwan!!!!
The supertall skyscrapper, Taipei 101 at the far end

Not long into the ride, I kept being stopped by curious people or people quickly gathered round me when I stopped to ask about my trip. They were filled with fascinations and there were never lacked of encouragements and well wishes from them! Think I'm already liking this country... very much!

A mini mass going on heading towards a temple nearby... praying for favourable weather, good luck etc

Finally arrived at Alashi's (also a tourer himself) place where I can rest for a couple of days

Alashi treat to some local food... Oyster vermicelli and smelly fried beancurd

Dig in!

Alashi, me, Siew Yung a friend I've known online from Malaysia (coincidently she had just finished scooting round the island) and Mr Li.

Finally caught up with Ya Tsu, a fellow tourer whom I've only known online.
Yeah to Girls power! Perhaps someday we will ride together and have a beer in the middle of nowhere in a country with language we can't speak.

I was told this was the very very first place that made soy bean milk, beancurd etc popular and not Yong He Dou Jiang.

Many raved about the instant noodles in Taiwan.... I was impressed that the pack came with real meat

Posing outside Alashi's studio before departing... time to get the legs working again.
Had a good couple of days doing absolutely nothing and its thats what I need. 
Thanks for sharing your space!

Photo credit: Alashi


Going clockwise along route 2... and the weather doesn't look pretty at all.

Tourers spotted!

Tourer's toy, sitting in a bottle cage at the front of the bike. 

I got stopped by PW while cycling passed... Just so happened that he was from Malaysia, that he has been following my blog for awhile, that he was touring Taiwan in my opposite direction... and that we crossed path on this day... whats the odds?

And there was another world tourer, Fujimoto from Japan 

Looks like a place for wedding event / photoshoot

 ''Marry Me? Yes, I Do!''

Let it rain, Let it rain, Let it rain
Heard this was a place built by a wealthy man to host his guests

Yilan, a nice area with mountains on one side and sea on the other

New friends made at Greenpark Homestay
And I was very quickly treated to lots of food and beer by Franco and his visiting Uncle


We went out in search of cherry blossom... but only seen naked cherry trees on both sides
Only few left... not wasted trip afterall eh

Taken out for more food and dessert


Homecook breakfast, freshly brewed coffee with packed nuts and more coffee for me to take on the road... I'm so spoilt. He knew I love coffee and I'm sold!

Franco's uncle gave me a stack of convenient store vouchers!
They were so handy that I hardly spent any money on food while going round Taiwan.

Bye Yilan... be back soon.

This auntie at the back had a chat with me while waiting at the traffic light and stopped me again when I passed their shop with them offering me a bottle of mineral water.
Then this auntie came up again for the 3rd time offering me food and drink for lunch and wishing me good luck.

Onwards along Suhua Highway infamous for its falling rocks, narrow curves and landslides..
Many locals advised me to avoid this stretch but I went ahead anyway... it wasn't as bad thanks to many other worse roads I've come across. 

By the roadside... Good night


Arriving at Hualien

Interesting old drink shop as drinks come down from those 4 metal pipes

Where you can get freshly made Mochi (麻糬)

Matcha ice with red beans and mango pudding.. great for the hot humid weather


Was resting at a convenient store and started a conversation with Mdm Liu and her husband. Turns out they've moved out of the city to start bike related business and will someday wanna take their 2 children on tour with them somewhere..perhaps for a year.

Chance upon a campsite

The owner, Mr Peng who let me camp for free!

He even brought me water, mosquitoes coil and sprayed repellent around my hut to keep the mosquitoes away

Dinner time! Instant noodles that Siew Yung bought me previously.


Morning view from my tent... overlooking Mr Peng's fruit farm

Taiwan's temple

Pineapple field

Taiwanese rice box meal... a Taiwan culture that has existed for a long time

A famous homestay in Taitung run by a friend's friend... and they kindly hosted me for a night.
Very interesting people at a place uniquely/tastefully decorated by them away from the city
台东有人在家民宿 -

This is what you'll see after peeling off the tree bark and these beautiful patterns are created by bugs...
behind this lies a beautiful love story and you can hear it from the owner yourself when you drop by

Postcards as gift before I left

With 'Shan Zhu' the owner... a pity his other half, GuanGuan was still asleep when I left
Hope to be back someday to hear more tales from them...

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  1. Fantastic as always! The view of your host's fruit farm is wonderful!