Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 510-526: "Transit" in Dehli, India

Roadside barber

Someone's home by the road?

Their all time favourite betel or chewing tabacco

Kulfi - Indian traditional ice-cream

Just napping in the middle of the road

Cables mess

"Old famous" Jalebi ie deep fried flour batter

Super sweet Jalebi soaked in syrup

Dahi bhalla

Commonly exposed...

Pigeons' food

Happy pigeons

At a cross junction, men on the left peeing at public exposed toilet

Juicy Pomegranate

Bad air quality due to pollution

Streets are so busy that makes walking difficult

His home is here

Est since 1790! Apparently oldest sweet shop? Its closed when I was there :(

Miss my bike in Kyrgyzstan, hope he is not too cold there

Too buttery for my liking

Love lassi

Hauz Khas village

Daily homemade bread by my host Jesim

Daily delicious homecook meals too

Even treat at the restaurant

Commonly given after meal, fennel seeds and sugar - aids digestion and freshen mouth

Christmas was round the corner, so the children and I made snow man with pratha dough :)

Bamboo bike spoked at Jesim's place!

You are supposed to ride this bike towards east and hand it over to another person. Now this bike has reached India... any taker? 

Marvelling the photobook of one of Jesim's tour.
Jesim hosted my brother and Sean 11years ago while they were passing through Dehli on their bicycle stint but they have lost contact since. Magically they reconnected back while I was in India and Jesim & Mandira kindly offered to host and nurse me while I was sick. Had such a great time having interesting conversations and playing with their children Hiya and Joya. Not forgetting to mention, Jesim and his friend were the very few who cycled to Europe in the early days, his stories amazes me as it was tough in those days and they had lots more visas nightmares than I do.

Attending Hiya & Joya dance performance




Jesim, Mandira, Hiya, Joya. Such lovely family. The goodbye card they gave me made me wanna cry. Miss them so much and hope they will visit soon if possible on their bikes :)

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