Thursday, 8 January 2015

Day 179-190: To Corfu

 Start of my winter hibernation... Off to Corfu island to work for free for 2 weeks in exchange for food and accommodation. Was in a village where no shops were open and you barely see any humans. I do have splendid sea view and sunny blue skies though.

 Aftermath of the storm


Greek Wedding

 Was invited to join my hosts to attend a wedding

 Door gifts

 Everyone has a pack of rice in their hands

 Rice thrown at the couple - a traditional way to wish them happy and blessed life together

 Performace at the wedding dinner

Sweet Evie

None stop dancing (traditional Tsamiko dance)... I went for a round and glad I didn't trip on my two 'left' legs


 New year's day at the church

Interested to know who will win the funny face expression game if I put Evie and my niece together. *cute*

Some of her past times... tying some serious knots with my shoe lace

 Little helpers in the house - Spiro & Evie

The lovely children of my hosts

Oh oh oh!!! Touring cyclists??? How is this possible?

 Franziska & Jurg from Switzerland. Was surprised to meet them on the island during this off peak season. They were staying at the place where I was working.


 Kumquat...was told some English man brought it here and planted it on the island and now it became one of their speciality

 Going back to Ioannina for the 3rd time before setting off to the south to carry on my winter hibernation

Took this from the bus... No high heels on the bridge?

26 Dec 15: 13.45km [Rain]

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